Product: Puritan Bennett 7200ae


Part Number: NPB-7200AER-1990
Price: $1990.00 (6 Mth Warranty) Patient Ready As Is

Part Number: NPB-7200AER-3990
Price: $3990.00 (1 Yr Warranty) Fully Refurbished

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We are offering refurbished Puritan Bennett 7200ae Ventilators. These units offer an advanced micro-processor design allowing the
use of CMV, SIMV, CPAP, with three wave forms to choose from Square wave, Sine Wave, and Descending ramp. The unit also
has a internal blender and nebulizer. The Puritan Bennett 7200ae comes with many alarms and options including ( Outputs: Remote
Nurse's Call, Analog Signals for pressure and flow) ( Alarms: High Pressure Limit, Low Inspiratory Pressure, Low PEEP/CPAP Pressure,
Low Exhaled Tidal Volume, Low Exhaled Minute Volume, High Respiratory Rate, I:E, Apnea, Low Gas Pressure's O2 and Air,
Exhalation Valve Leak, Low Battery, Power Disconnect Alarm). The 7200ae also has an alarm summary display with color coded status.
(Options: Manual Inspiration, Manual Sigh, Automatic Sigh, 100% O2, Nebulizer, Self Diagnostics) (Emergency Modes of Operation:
Apnea Ventilation, Disconnect Ventilation, Back up Ventilator, Safety Valve Open) The Puritan Bennett 7200ae also has many other
features that are accessed through the ++ key such as pressure support, apnea ventilation, and other more advanced parameters.
When setting up the Puritan Bennett 7200ae you can control O2, Flow, Volume, Peep, Respiratory rate. Units come with a built in
compressor so you are able to run this ventilator where there isn't a gas supply.




High Pressure Limit

Low Inspiratory Pressure

Low PEEP/CPAP Pressure

Low Exhaled Tidal Volume

Low Exhaled Minute Volume

High Respiratory Rate



Low Gas Pressure's O2 and Air

Exhalation Valve Leak

Low Battery

Power Disconnect Alarm


Power Requirements:
115 VAC  Grounded Outlet

Source of Medical Oxygen


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