Product Name: Cosmed Quark RMR / Resting Metabolic Rate

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Part Number: COS-CO90740199

Cosmed Quark RMR  

Susquehanna Micro is pleased to introduce the Cosmed Quark RMR for Nutritional Assessment Testing.

Quark RMR testing helps clinical nutritionists monitor the nutritional status of patients. The Quark RMR accurately and instantaneously measures a patient's energy requirements and response to artificial nutrition during prolonged hospitalization or admission to the intensive care unit. This great piece of equipment measures your VO2 at rest and determines your resting metabolic rate (RMR) or the amount of calories you need to maintain the body's vital functions at rest. Knowing the minimal amount of calories your body needs is important when trying to lose, gain or maintain your body's weight.

The Quark RMR comes with an all-inclusive software package, a host of features including: Indirect Calorimetry (VO2, VCO2, RQ, REE, and related parameters), Substrate Utilization (%FAT, %CHO, %PRO), High FiO2 kit for elevated O2 levels (option), Suitable for both spontaneously breathing subjects or mechanically ventilated patients (option).

We also sell CYB-CB1503 Patient Filters for Cosmed Spirometry and Cosmed Pulmonary Function equipment. PFT Patient Filters are recommended for use when bacteria and viruses are exhaled by a patient during testing, and without a PFT filter, they are carried into the PFT equipment tubing, flow sensor and possibly into the circuitry. Viral/bacterial filters enhance patient care by easing their fears of cross contamination and increase productivity by decreasing sterilization requirements. Visit our Filters page for more information.

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