Product Name: Amsorb and Drierite

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Part Number: CYB-AMAB3000 and CYB-23001

Ambsorb & Drierite  

PFT absorbents are necessary to keep Pulmonary Function Testing Systems running accurately, by absorbing excess moisture and carbon dioxide which interfere with the pulmonary analyzer circuits. Both absorbents have a visible color change when exhausted.

Amsorb CYB-AMAB3000 comes in a nine pound container of carbon dioxide absorbent granules: calcium hydroxide & water, calcium chloride. Amsorb changes color from white to violet when exhausted. We highly recommend Amsorb for the Cybermedic Spinnaker Tl, Cybermedic Classic TLi, Morgan Scientific, and Collins Full Gas Testing Systems.

Drierite CYB-23001 comes in size #8 mesh, in one pound bottles. Drierite changes color from blue to rose-red upon absorbing moisture, and is used extensively in pulmonary analyzer circuits in pulmonary function testing machines. Cybermedic, Collins, and Morgan Scientific systems also require Drierite crystals.

Ambsorb exhaustedAmsorb: Before(left) & After(right)


Sodalyme & BaralymeSodalyme *Note: No longer available* Replacement - Ambsorb P/N: CYB-AMAB3000

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