Acutronic Jet Ventilator

Acutronic Jet Ventilation

Susquehanna Micro is proud to be the only licensed Acutronic dealer in North America. Acutronic Medical Systems AG is a medical equipment manufacturer based in Switzerland, specializing in the field of Jet Ventilation and Flow Measuring devices. Their Jet Ventilators are especially designed for Operating Theatres and Intensive Care Units. We believe these Swiss origin products are the first choice for procedures in ENT (ORL), Thoracic surgery and Microfacial surgery.

Acutronic recently replaced their AMS 1000 and 3000 ventilators with the Monsoon and Mistral jet ventilation systems. These new jet ventilators have gained a new success in Intensive Care Units due to their unique design, which incorporates humidification and heating systems of the applied gas. Both the Monsoon and the Mistral have received FDA approval and are now available for sale.

Products available from SMI:

Acutronic Mistral Jet Ventilator
Acutronic Monsoon II Jet Ventilator
Acutronic Monsoon III Ventilator
Acutronic AMS 1000 Ventilator Discontinued
Acutronic AMS 3000 Ventilator Discontinued
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Acutronic Mistral Jet Ventilator Accessories
Acutronic Monsoon II Jet Ventilator Accessories
Acutronic Monsoon III Jet Ventilator Accessories
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