Product Name:  LSP AutoVent 2000 Transport Ventilator

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Part Number: LSP-LSP2000



The LSP AutoVent 2000 is a portable, compact emergency transport ventilator with a variety of applications from industrial and volunteer EMS use to air and ground transport. Offering controlled ventilation at rates of 8-28 breaths per minute as well as additional inspiratory time settings, the AutoVent meets most critical emergency care situations and in-hospital transports.

The AutoVent 2000 comes with the LSP patient valve and supply tubing, the control module, six feet of oxygen hose, a non-rebreathing valve (to attach Peep), and connecting tubing. The attached patient valve allows a patient to draw supplemental gas flow (up to 48 LPM) with a spontaneous effort. The AutoVent is available as an anti-inhalation valve for use in toxic environments. The ventilator operates exclusively on source gas with no air entrainment, so specified concentrations of oxygen can be easily maintained.

- Bright Green Visual Breath Indicator
- Built-in Audible Pressure Limit Alarm
- Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation
- Indicator for Verification of Gas Delivery
- Gas Powered, No Batteries Required
- Meets AHA, ASTM and KKK-1822C Standards
- Easy Cleaning and Sterilization
- Independent Control over Rate and Volume


**Please check out our preventive maintenance and contract prices for this ventilator.**

For any repairs or question please contact the service department at Susquehanna Micro.
Toll Free: 1-888-730-5436



Control Module:

Supply Pressure Range: 40 to 90 psig

Storage Temperature: -40°F to 160°F

Frequency: 8 to 28 BPM

Tidal Volume: 400 to 1200 ml.

Flow Rate: 16 to 48 LPM

Inspiratory Time: 1.5 to 2 seconds

Expiratory Time: 1.5 to 6.0 seconds

I:E Ratio: 1:1 to 1:4

Dead Space in Patient Valve Assembly: 8 ml

Weight: 24 oz./680g.

Expiratory Resistance: 5 cm. H20

Minute Volume: 0 to 24 LPM

Case Material: ABS

Input Connection: Plated brass

Output Connectors: Plated brass

Gas Consumption Driving Gas: 0.5 LPM Maximum

Patient Valve Assembly:

Flow: As required in demand valve mode: 0-48 LPM at 50 psig. Depends on volume setting.

Peak Inspiratory Flow: 48 LPM at airway pressure drop of less than 2.5 cm H20

Delivery Pressure: 60 ±5 cm H20 (44 mm Hg)

Crack Pressure: 0- to -2 cm H20 (0 to -.8 in H20)

Exhalation Resistance: 0-10 LPM to 1.5 cm H20, 11-70 LPM to 3.8 H20

Gas Consumption Driving Gas: 0.5 LPM Max

Dead Space: 8 ml (excluding mask)

Supply Pressure: 40 to 90 psig

Operating Temperature: -30°F to 125°F

Storage Temperature: -40°F to 160°F

Inlet Fitting: Standard male oxygen DISS

Filter: 25 Micron Stainless Steel Mesh

Outlet: 22 mm outside diameter x 15 mm inside diameter (fits standard medical masks, endotracheal tubes and tracheostomy tubes)

Weight: 16 oz/450g

Body: Anodized aluminum

Cover: Polycarbonate

Outlet: Polysulfone

Inlet Fitting: Plated brass

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