Product Name:  LSP AutoVent 4000 Transport Ventilator with optional CPAP

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Part Number: LSP-LSP4000



The LSP AutoVent 4000 with CPAP is a portable, compact emergency transport ventilator with a variety of applications from industrial and volunteer EMS use to air and ground transport. Offering controlled ventilation at rates of 8-28 breaths per minute as well as additional inspiratory time settings, the AutoVent meets most critical emergency care situations and in-hospital transports.

The LSP AutoVent 4000 with CPAP transport ventilator comes standard with adjustable tidal volume, adjustable BPM (breaths per minute), and Child/Adult settings. The AutoVent 4000 also features an internal demand valve, anti-breath stacking, manometer readout, and manual breath button. A few safety features include an adjustable pressure relief with alarm and a low source gas pressure alarm. Some optional features for different AutoVent 4000 models include: Air Mix Mode (L761 and L762) and Electronic Alarm Package (L762 and L763).

- Pneumatically Powered
- Durable and Lighweight, all basic models weigh less than 5 lbs
- Manual Breath Button and Anti-Breath Stacking standard on all models
- Large color-coded Manometer Gauge
- Full set of alarms to ensure performance and patient safety
- Optional Air Mixing provides 65% O2 Concentration for extending cylinder life for longer transports


**Please check out our preventive maintenance and contract prices for this ventilator.**

For any repairs or question please contact the service department at Susquehanna Micro.
Toll Free: 1-888-730-5436



Control Module:

Supply Pressure Range: 40.6 to 87 psig

Storage Temperature: -40°F to 140°F

Frequency: 8 to 28 BPM

Tidal Volume: Range: 1 sec inspiratory time = 200 to 600 ml.
Range: 2 sec inspiratory time = 400 to 1200 ml.

Safety Pressure Relief: Adjustable from 20 to 80 cmH2O ± 10%

Low Source Gas Alarm: Activates at 275 to 262 kPa (40 to 38 psi) source pressure

Weight: 3.7lbs (with CPAP 5.2lbs)

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AutoVent 4000
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