Product Name: High/Low Flow Blender 2001-M

Price: $889.90

Part Number: BIO-2001 Series

Bio-Med Devices 2001 Oxygen Blender  

Susquehanna Micro is a dealer for Bio-Med Devices's complete line of Air/Oxygen Blenders: the 2001 High/Low Flow, 2002 High Flow, 2003 Low Flow, and 2004 Continuous. The versatility of the Blender models allows you to choose the right unit to meet the specifications of any application.

- Accurate
- Compact
- Dependable
- Economical
- High Flow & Low Flow
- Lightweight

Each blender can also be ordered as MRI-compatible-- simply add "M" after the part number. For example, the image (above) portrays the 2001 model in MRI compatible metal.

Each blender costs $881.50 We also sell the blender maintenance kit, P/N BM-2008, for $297.00 If you send any of the blenders in this line into us, we will charge $297.00 for a complete overhaul.

All four of the blender models provide a supply pressure of 30-75 psi, and an 02 Percentage of 21-100%.




Model 2004

Number of Ports:  3
Overall Flow:  0-100 LPM
Flow Range - Primary Outlet:  0-100 LPM (10-12 LPM Continuous)
Flow Range -  Auxiliary Outlet:  0-100 LPM (10-12 Continuous)

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