Product Name:  Precision Medical Chrome Body Flowmeters Precision Medical Chrome Body Flowmeter  

Precision Medical manufactures hospital standard flowmeters of the highest quality, and provides an array of adapters for Ohmeda, Chemetron, Oxyequip, Puritan-Bennett, Schrader and other systems.

The chrome body flowmeter is available in six models:

PM-1MFA3501 Series: 0xygen 0-5 LPM (No Adaptor)
PM-1MFA4001 Series: Oxygen 0-8 LPM (No Adaptor)
PM-1MFA1001 Series: Oxygen 0-15 LPM (No Adaptor)
PM-1MFA2001 Series: Air 0-15 LPM (No Adaptor)
PM-1MFA8001 Series: Oxygen 0-70 LPM (No Adaptor)
PM-1MFA9001 Series: Air 0-70 LPM (No Adaptor)
The part numbers above are for the basic models without adaptors. For models with adaptors, see right. For pricing, call toll-free 888-730-5463.

Features of the Chrome Body Flowmeter:
- Durable polycarbonate housings are resistant to chemical solutions, preventing clouding and spidering
- Black glass flow indicator balls increase accuracy
- Exceptional sphericity and uniform weight create more accuracy than plastic floats
- Highly precise needle valves insure precise flow-settings
- Flow control knob on front of flowmeter is in clear sight of operator, less susceptible to damage than side mount knobs
- Black glass float makes flow setting easier to read

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