Product Name:  Precision Medical Vacuum Regulator Continuous

Price: $249.29

Part Number: PM-3000 and PM-3100

Precision Medical Vacuum Regulator  

Precision Medical vacuum and suction regulators are compact and feature a unique, modular design. The units are made up of six easy to replace components, making field repair and service easy for any biomed or central supply department. A whole array of product inlet and vacuum source connections are available, from tubing nipples to diss hex and male, to Ohmeda, Chemetron, Oxyequip, Puritan-Bennett and Schrader and more.

The Vacuum Regulator Continuous comes in two models: PM-3000 with OFF and REG modes (as pictured above) or PM-3100 with LINE, OFF and REG modes.

Other Features:
- Durable: Cast Metal Backplate connections are tougher than normal plastic
- Compact: Modular Design makes unit 25-50% smaller than other suction regs
- Sturdy: Housing made of strong ABS plastic is protective and easy to clean
- User-Friendly: Large Control Knob features 3 easy to read settings


Flowmeter Ratings

Gauge Reading
PM3000/3100:  0 to 200 mmHg and "Full Vacuum"
PM3500:  0 to 150 mmHg

Vacuum Operating Range
PM3000/3100:  0 to 200 mmHg and "Full Vacuum"
PM3500:  0 to 150 mmHg (Restricted to 160mmHg max.)

PM3000/3100:  Off - Reg.
PM3500:  Line - Off - Reg.

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