Product Name:  Precision Medical Easy Air 15 Compressor

Price: $687.87

Part Number: PM-15F

Precision Medical Dial Flowmeter  

The Easy Air 15 is a compact, powerful air compressor, putting out a flow of 15 LPM at 50 psi, but in a much smaller package. Because the Easy Air 15 only weighs 19.5 lbs, it's much easier to carry, and an average of 22% lighter than comparable compressors. Its compact size enable it to fit into areas where space is at a minimum.

Other Features:
- Easy to Use: Built-in Flow Gauge eliminates need for pressure/flow calculations, caregiver can set airflow in LPM by simply dialing
- Aids Compliance: JCAHO Compliant Built-in Hour Meter determines when Preventative Maintenance is due
- Easy to Maintain: Compressor Filters on outside of cabinet make filter-cleaning easier for patients and caregivers
- Durable: ABS plastic cabinet is durable, attractive, easy-to-clean and infection control friendly
- Safe: Safety is assured with Class B Thermal Limit, Automatic Reset which prevents unit from overheating



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