Product Name:  Precision Medical Easy Dial Regulator

Price: $73.68

Part Number: PM-168708D

Precision Medical Easy Dial Regulator  

The Precision Medical Easy Dial Reg is one of the world's most compact and convenient dial oxygen regulators. The Easy Dial Reg is only 4" long and weighs a mere 7.4 oz as a result of its offset gauge and new multi-spring technology.

- User-Friendly: Easily accessible Flow Adjustment knob is large and knurled
- Safe: Built-in pressure relief valve and protected contents gauge
- Seals: Low force rubber yoke seal provides a better reg-to-tank seal
- Accurate: Unique design minimizes normal flow variation that occurs when tank pressure drops
- Two Body Designs: yoke or nut style (see part numbers at right)
- Five Flow Ranges: Available in 31-4000 cc, 1/32-4 LPM, .25-8 LPM, .50-15 LPM or .25-25 LPM (see part numbers at right)

The Easy Gauge Reg can also be ordered with a yellow (-Y), red (-R), blue (-B), purple (-P) or black (-K) color gauge protectors, green being the standard. Different colors may be used identify regulators according to department. Add a a dash (-) and the desire color suffix to the end of the part number.


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