Product Name: Precision Medical Easy Gauge Regulator

Price: $71.50

Part Number: PM-165408G

Precision Medical Easy Dial Regulator  

The Precision Medical Easy Gauge Reg is one the world's smallest oxygen regulators, only 4.25" long and weighing only 11 oz. The Easy Gauge Reg features a contents gauge on the front and a flow gauge on the top. The unique uni-body design makes the Easy Gauge Reg a good alternative for any technician who prefers a gauge-type regulator over a dial regulator.

- Design: Contents gauge in front with flow gauge at top
- Visibility: Flow adjustment knob easily accessible with increased visibility
- Safety: Built-in pressure relief valve as well as a protected contents gauge
- Seal: Low force rubber yoke seal increases better tank-to-reg seal
- Accuracy: Minimizes flow variation as tank pressure drops
- Two body designs: yoke or nut style (see part numbers at right)
- Flow rates: 0-8 LPM, 0-15 LPM (see part numbers at right)

The Easy Gauge Reg can also be ordered with a yellow (-Y), red (-R), blue (-B), purple (-P) or black (-K) color gauge protectors, green being the standard. Different colors may be used identify regulators according to department. Add a a dash (-) and the desire color suffix to the end of the part number.

** Please Call us for smaller pressure reducing regulators (50 PSI) **


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