Product Name: Precision Medical Easy Vac Aspirator

Price: $367.74

Part Number: PM-60

Precision Medical Easy Vac Aspirator  

The Precision Medical Easy Vac Aspirator is a high-performance aspirator with a 1/5 horsepower pump, providing power and performance when you need it the most.

- Powerful: Delivers a 26" Hg suction range, one of the highest in the industry
- Damage-Proof: A Canister bracket protects the canister, gauge, and adjustment knobs
- Secure: Extra strength premimum feet attach unit securely to most surfaces
- Convenient: Velcro strap contains power cord
- Dual Protection System: Float Shut-off in canister lid, and Inline Hydrophobic Filter prevent backflow of liquid and airborne contaminants from entering the pump


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