Product Name: MSA MiniOx 3000 Oxygen Monitor

Price: $922.90

Part Number: MSA-814365

MSA MiniOx 3000  

The MSA MiniOx 3000 Oxygen Monitor (image far left) is designed for portable, continuous oxygen analysis and monitoring. This handheld, easy-to-use monitor is ideal for "in line" oxygen monitoring, with applications for hospital and home ventilators, NICU, anesthesia delivery equipment and industrial or military equipment. Hospitals, homecare, and government/military institutions have all found applications for this monitor.

- Alarms: High and low oxygen concentration alarms, automatic calibration, sensor/cable disconnect alarm, alarm verification indicator and battery life indicators with alarms
- Portable: Handheld, Lightweight
- Easy To Use: Thumb wheel calibration dial, push-button On/Off switch
- Long Lasting: 9 volt battery power source is good for up to 1500 hours of use
- Ready to Use: Comes with oxygen sensor, coiled cable, tee adapter, battery and operations manual




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