Product Name: DeVilbiss Nasal Mask Kit with Cushion and Seal-Ring

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Part Number: SUN-9351D

DeVilbiss Nasal Mask  

Oxygen and sleep therapy are only as effective as the patient's mask. The DeVilbiss Nasal Mask Kit relies
on an Innovative Seal-Ring design to reduce air leaks while aiding in patient comfort. The kit also includes foam nose pads which can be tailored for a more precise fit and greater comfort. The 9351 Nasal CPAP Mask is a durable, reusable mask, and a more economical option than the Serenity Mask.

- Equipped with an integral 360° dual axis swivel
- Integral, virtually silent exhalation ports
- Foam nose pad sample kit
- Two ports for interfacing oxygen or a presure transducer
- Durable polycarbonate frame construction. Silicone mask cushion materials available.
- Innovative Seal-Ring design reduces air leaks, increases comfort

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