Product Name:  Precision Medical Pediatric Flowmeters

Precision Medical Pediatric Flowmeter  

Precision Medical manufactures hospital standard flowmeters of the highest quality, and offers an array of adapters for Ohmeda, Chemetron, Oxyequip, Puritan-Bennett, Schrader and other systems. The pediatric flowmeters provide extreme accuracy when it counts.

The pediatric flowmeter is available in three models:

PM-6MFA1001 Series: Oxygen 0-200 CC
PM-4MFA1001 Series: Oxygen 0-1 LPM
PM-1MFA3001 Series: Oxygen 0-3 LPM
The part numbers above are for the basic models without adaptors. For models with adaptors, see right. For pricing, call toll-free 888-730-5463.

Features of the Pediatric Flowmeter:
- Glass Flowtube assures consistent readings and allows high accuracy for precise low flow requirements: (0-200 CC, 0-1 LPM, 0-3 LPM)
- Stork Safety Label quickly identifies the unit as pediatric, preventing accidental use in neonatal application
- Shock Protection Spring above the rubber flow tube bushing absorbs shock and prevents breakage
- Black Glass Float indicator enhances visibility and accuracy
- Polycarbonate Housing is durable and resists chemical solution spills
- Front Flow Control knob is in clear sight of operator, less susceptible to damage


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