Product Name: DeVilbiss EX2005D PulseDose Oxygen Conserving Device

Price: Discontinued Please click for replacement

Part Number: SUN-EX2005D

DeVilbiss EX2005D Pulsedose Oxygen Conserving Device  

We only have a limited number of refurbished Ex2005D DeVilbiss PulseDose Oxygen Conserving Devices left in stock, so we're selling them at a special price.

PulseDose oxygen conserving technology is on the leading edge of ambulatory oxygen therapy. Unlike other oxygen regulators that simply limit the flow of oxygen, PulseDose delivers a consistent dose of oxygen at the very moment it is most beneficial -- on the leading edge of inspiration.


- The 3:1 savings ratio for longer cylinder life and fewer cylinder deliveries results in improved profitability and the patented PulseDose technology results in optimal clinical benefit for the majority of patients.

- Rotary Selector Thumb Dial
- Side Oxygen Contents Gauge
- Battery Check Button
- PulseDose Indicator

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