Product Name:  DeVilbiss PD4000 PulseDose Extended Conserving Device

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Part Number: PD-4000

DeVilbiss PD4000 PulseDose Extended Conserving Device  

PulseDose Oxygen Conserving Devices deliver a flow of oxygen on the leading edge of inspiration. As a oxygen conserver, the PulseDose is more efficient than continuous flow, since it delivers consistent high flow delivery when the patient needs it most. The PD4000 PulseDose Extended is DeVilbiss's newest and most efficient model.

Features include:
-- True 4:1 savings
-- Three year warranty
-- Audible alarms sound (low 02 and no breath taken)
-- Field-serviceable: speeds return of unit to use
-- Easy to set-up, use and maintain
-- Adjustable continuous flow setting does not require batteries
-- Protected contents gauge

Since oxygen waste is hugely minimized, patients will be able to extend cylinder life dramatically. Ambulatory therapy will enable them to pursue the benefits of a more active lifestyle.

Patients often report an improved sense of taste and smell, and decreased drying of nasal passages with PulseDose systems. They are more likely to wear their oxygen constantly, resulting in better compliance with their prescribed oxygen therapy.

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