Product Name: DeVilbiss Serenity Mask with Headgear

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Part Number: SUN-9352D/9352S

DeVilbiss Serenity Face Mask  

The comfort of a patient's mask often determines the effectiveness of a nasal CPAP sleep therapy. The DeVilbiss Serenity Mask is a deluxe mask, the very ultimate in comfort. Combining improved silicone technology with an adjustable frame, the Serenity Mask ensures a secure seal and maximum patient comfort. Now available in standard and shallow sizes, the Serenity Mask provides a precise fit for a variety of face sizes and shapes.

- Soft, replaceable silicone cushion
- Standard and shallow cushions can easily be changed
- Snap-in forehad rest components can be easily changed
- Solid thermoplastic frame will withstand repeated cleanings
- Soft, latex=free cushion and forehead pads
- Adjustable exhaust port allows patient to direct escaping air away from their chest and their bed partner
- Headgear included

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