Product Name: Cardboard Mouthpieces for Susquehanna Micro Patient Filters

Price: $39.10 (Bag of 100)

Part Number: CYB-AM1624

SMI Cardboard Mouthpieces  

Disposable Cardboard Mouthpieces for use during pulmonary function testing.


We use these mouthpieces with pft patient filters for most of our systems including the Cosmed Spirometers, Cosmed Pulmonary Function Equipment, Cybermedic Spirometers, Cybermedic Pulmonary Function equipment, Collins Pulmonary Function Equipment, Morgan Scientific/Medisoft Pulmonary Function Equipment, and the NSpire Koko Spirometer, use the part number CYB-CB1502 or CYB-CB1503. PFT Patient Filters are recommended for use when bacteria and viruses are exhaled by a patient during testing, and without a PFT filter, they are carried into the PFT equipment tubing, flow sensor and possibly into the circuitry. Viral/bacterial filters enhance patient care by easing their fears of cross contamination and increase productivity by decreasing sterilization requirements. Visit our Filters page for more information.

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