Product Name: DeVilbiss Ultra-Neb Large Volume Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Price: Discontinued
Replacement: NOUVAG Ultrasonic 2000

Part Number: SUN-99HD


DeVilbiss UltraNeb

The DeVilbiss Ultra-Neb is the ultimate in high-volume ultrasonic nebulizers, delivering high-quality aerosol therapy at adjustable rates. It is the perfect choice for homecare or hospital use for humidification therapy, aerosol medication therapy, sputum inductions or inhalation provocation testing. The Ultra-Neb can produce a continuous stream of ultra-fine mist up to 6 ml/minute, which is perfect for introducing high volumes of humidity into the bronchial systems of croup and bronchiolitic patients, or humidifying dry air for ventilator, trachea and post-operative patients.

- Offers a superior method for testing patients with respiratory symptoms but non-productive coughs
- Precision controlled variable output enables fine-tuning of aerosol output: useful for bronchial challenges in diagnosing asthma
- Effective for applications of aerosolized antibiotics, local anesthetics and other drugs


Nebulizer Ratings

Maximum Aerosol Output:  6.0 ml/minute minimum (using 3-liter bottle, continuous feed system), 4.0ml/min (using disposable cups or prefills)
Particle Size (typical):  MMAD <4 microns
Fan Speed:  30 + 3 lpm
Electrical Approval:  UL 544
Built to meet requirements of HCPCS code:  E0575

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