Frequently Asked Questions for Acutronic Ventilators

The list below of frequently asked questions and troubleshooting problems for Acutronic Ventilators is
based on information compiled from the Acutronic manuals and from our own experience.

Acutronic Monsoon Jet Ventilator  

Are you the manufacturer of Acutronic Ventilators?
No, we are the exclusive North American distributor for Acutronic Medical Systems AG.

Do you sell or repair Acutronic Ventilators?
We sell and service the Monsoon and Mistral Jet Ventilators. See our Acutronic page for more information.

Will you still repair or sell the AMS 1000, 1020, 3000, or 3000M?
No. Acutronic has discontinued the AMS line and no longer manufactures any parts for AMS ventilators, so we are unable to repair or service them. Acutronic has replaced the line with the Monsoon and Mistral Jet Vents, which we do sell and service.

Do you take Medicare for repairs or sales of Acutronic Ventilators?
No, we are not set up to deal with Medicare or other insurance companies. We accept payment by credit card and check, and can itemize bills for you to submit to your company. We also offer leasing programs through Crown Credit.

What applications, population, and environment are the Monsoon and Mistral Universal Jet Ventilators designed for?
The Mistral is designed for short-term application in bronchoscopy and laryngoscopy, while the Monsoon is designed for longer-term use in the same. Jet ventilation is useful in airway surgery, as it performed in thoracic surgery units and ENT surgery. Jet ventilation is the optimal ventilation technique during the application of LASER light, where the presence of an ETT bears the risk for ignition, airway fire and burn injuries. Jet ventilation is also useful for the removal of foreign bodies from the airway (e.g. after accidental aspiration) via rigid broncoscopes, for supplemental oxygenation during lung surgery, for surgery of the lower trachea close to the carina, and for radiation therapy of lung metastsis.

Jet ventilation is suitable for all kinds of patients, independently of gender, age and weight, can be applied from neonates to elder adults, and be used for ambulatory as well as inpatient surgery.

Jet ventilation applied with the Monsoon or Mistral is used in hospitals where anesthesiological staff and equipment are present and users are adequately trained in the handling of the device. Jet ventilation applied with the Monsoon or Mistral requires high pressure gases for oxygen and air, which is usually not available in transport applications (i.e. helicopters, ambulance cars) or in the military field, which presents a limitation for extra-hospital use.

How often should the Monsoon or Mistral ventilator be maintenanced?
The apparatus must be inspected and serviced by an Acutronic Medical Systems AG exclusive distributor. Repairs and general overhaul may only be carried out by the licensed North American distributor for Acutronic Medical Systems. Only original Acutronic parts may be used for maintenance. Susquehanna Micro is the official Acutronic distributor for North America. We recommend obtaining a service contract for regular maintenance. Apparatus and accessories must be cleaned and sterilized prior to any maintenance or repair work. The intervals for maintenance and battery exchange follow.

Every 6 Months:
- Preventive maintenance and electrical safety check with protocol
- Check alarm limits for proper function
- Check connections for air and oxygen (Leakage test)
- Check mechanical and electrical connections
- Check security shut-off

Every 12 months:
- Maintenance and electrical safety check with protocol:
- Check alarm limits, Leakage test, mechanical/electrical connections
- Calibration

Replace the following components:
- 02 Sensor
- Air and 02 Inlet filter with O-Ring
- Battery for power fail alarm
- Water inlet needle (Monsoon only)
- Connection tube water detector - heating system (Monsoon only)

If the battery low alarm is displayed before servicing, the battery must be replaced immediately to assure proper function of the power fail alarm. Dispose the old battery according to local rules. If the apparatus is not used for a longer period of time, the battery should be removed and stored separately. Use only Alkaline type batteries.

If the 02 sensor alarm is displayed, the sensor must be replaced at earliest convenience to assure proper function.

Every 1000 hours:
- Replace the BACOSOL jet valve
- Replace the Heating cartridge (Monsoon only)

Every 3 years:
- Replace the Internal tube set (Monsoon only)

Every 10 years:
- Replace Lithium battery for Data backup (Disposal according to local rules for batteries)

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