Frequently Asked Questions for Aerosol Therapy

The list below of frequently asked questions and troubleshooting problems for aerosol therapy products
is based on information compiled from A Manual for People with Chronic Lung Disease, published by Pritchett and Hull Associates, 1995, and from our own experience.

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Are you the manufacturer of the DeVilbiss oxygen and aerosol therapy products?
No, we are a dealer and repair service center. DeVilbiss is the manufacturer, part of the Sunrise Medical group.

Do you sell or repair the DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide, PulmoMate or DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator?
We both sell and repair most models of the DeVilbiss aerosol and oxygen therapy products, including Pulmo-Aide 5650D, Compact, and LT Compressor/Nebulizers; PulmoMate Compressor/Nebulizers; and DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrators.

Do you take Medicare for repairs or sales of oxygen or aerosol therapy products?
No, we are not set up to deal with Medicare or other insurance companies. We accept payment by credit card and check, and can itemize bills for you to submit to your company.

My doctor has prescribed aerosol therapy using a nebulizer. What is a nebulizer?
A nebulizer sprays a fine mist of medicine or moisture into your lungs at normal air pressure. It is mostly used for short periods several times a day. When using a nebulizer, follow your doctor's exact instructions. Ask your respiratory therapist, doctor, or homecare provider how to clean the device--if you do not clean it properly, you may give yourself a lung infection. Read the Operating Instructions thoroughly for cleaning and usage instructions.

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