Frequently Asked Questions for Bird Ventilators

The list below of frequently asked questions and troubleshooting problems for Bird Ventilators is based on information compiled from the Bird Operating Instruction manuals and from our own experience.

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Are you the manufacturer of Bird Ventilators?
No, we are a dealer and repair service center. Bird is the manufacturer, part of the ViaSys group.

Do you sell or repair Bird Ventilators?
We sell, repair, and rent models of Bird ventilators, including T-Bird VS02, Avian Transport Vent, 6400 and 8400STI.

Do you take Medicare for repairs or sales of Bird Ventilators?
No, we are not set up to deal with Medicare or other insurance companies. We accept payment by credit card and check, and can itemize bills for you to submit to your company.

Why does my 8400 Ventilator continuously sound the alarm?
You need to press silence button for at least 5 seconds to shut off the alarm.

Why does the vent in-op light stay on when I shut off my Bird Ventilator?
On all of the Bird Ventilator Models the vent in-op light will remain lit until approximately 15 minutes after you shut off the unit.

What should I do if the tidal volume reading is too high on the internal monitor of my 8400 Vent?
You should try switching out the flow transducer with a transducer that you know works.

Why are there dashes across the volume display of my 8400 Vent?
The connector in the volume display may not be seated correctly.

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