Frequently Asked Questions for Cybermedic PFT Systems

The list below of frequently asked questions and troubleshooting problems for Cybermedic PFT Systems is based on information compiled from the Cybermedic Service Manuals and from our own experience.

Cybermedic Pulmonary Function Unit  

Are you the manufacturer of Cybermedic PFT equipment?
No, we are a dealer and repair service center. However, we are specialists in the reconditioning and refurbishing of Cybermedic equipment. Most Cybermedic systems are no longer available on the market.

Do you sell or repair Cybermedic Pulmonary Function Testing Systems?
We repair and sell refurbished models of Cybermedic and Collins systems, including the Classic Tli, the Spinnaker TL, the Collins GS 4G, and the Cybermedic Screener Spirometer. The Full Gas PFT systems come with a two year warranty, and we can also provide Service Contracts.

Do you take Medicare for repairs or sales of Cybermedic PFT systems?
No, we are not set up to deal with Medicare or other insurance companies. We accept payment by credit card and check, and can itemize bills for you to submit to your company. We can also arrange for a leasing project through Crown Credit.

Do you sell replacement parts for the Cybermedic PFT System?
Yes. Call 1-888-730-564 or email us and we will supply you with part numbers and competitive pricing.

How do I print graphs from Cybermedic PFT software using Windows based printers?
Click here for Graph Printing Instructions.

Why do you recommend the Cybermedic PFT systems? Aren't Cybermedics outdated in comparison to new Sensormedics or VMAX systems?
We believe Cybermedic technology is the easiest and most accurate to use. The software interface is easier to negotiate. The helium diffusion-washout is superior to the carbon dioxide/nitrogen washout used by other systems, because it doesn't cause patients to gag, and provides real numbers, not extrapolated numbers. The refurbished Cybermedic systems offer a substantial savings in price, while making PFT testing more comfortable for patients, and easier for technicians. We believe the older Cybermedic technology is actually superior to many of the new systems which use formulae to extrapolate numbers, and rely on complicated user interfaces.

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