Frequently Asked Questions for Oxygen Regulators

The list below of frequently asked questions and troubleshooting problems for Oxygen Regulators is based on information compiled from the Scott Tech Newsline, 2001, and from our own experience.

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Are you the manufacturer of the Precision Medical, Puritan-Bennett, or DeVilbiss 02 regulators?
No, we are a dealer and repair service center for each of the above manufacturers.

Do you sell or repair 02 regulators?
We both sell and repair models of oxygen regulators, including EX2005D, PD1000, and PD4000.

Do you take Medicare for repairs or sales of oxygen regulators?
No, we are not set up to deal with Medicare or other insurance companies. We accept payment by credit card and check, and can itemize bills for you to submit to your company.

What are droop and supply pressure effect?
Droop is the difference in delivery pressure between zero flow and a regulator's maximum flow capacity. Supply pressure effect is the increase in delivery pressure as sypply pressure decreases (a cylinder empties).

When should I use a single-stage regulator for my applications?
A single-stage regulator shows little droop but a relatively large supply pressure effect, and is recommended when precise control of delivery pressure is not needed or when inlet pressure does not vary greatly. Unless periodic manual readjustments to delivery pressure are made, delivery pressure variations will occur as cylinder pressure will occur as cylinder pressure decreases.

When is a two-stage regulator design more appropriate?
A two-stage regulator should be used when delivery pressure is critical and inlet pressure varies. It exhibits greater droop but only small supply pressure effects. This is accomplished by reducing cylinder pressure in two steps: first to a preset level, then to the inlet of a second stage. Therefore, final delivery pressure, which is manually set by an adjusting knob, is unaffected by changes in cylinder pressure and remains constant.

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