Product Name:  BCI Autocorr Digital Pulse Oximeter

Price: $2055.04

Part Number: BCI-3304

BCI Autocorr Digital Pulse Oximeter

The elegant new Clarity line of patient monitors from BCI, including the Autocorr and Autocorr Plus Oximeters, provides flexibility, reliability and ease-of-use. Whether these monitors are used as individual units or combined into systems to respond to multi-parameter monitoring requirements, the Clarity line of monitors will meet the needs of even your most challenging patients.

The Autocorr 3304 Digital Pulse Oximeter is the latest of BCI's oximeters. The Autocorr offers Sp02, pulse rate and signal strength. Pulse strength is indicated by a logarithmically scaled 8-segment LED bar graph. The digital display is bright and extremely easy to read, the buttons are conveniently large, and the monitor itself is streamlined while being durable. Alarms are adjustable between 5-250 bpm by 1 bpm steps.

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