Product Name:  BCI Autocorr Plus Pulse Oximeter/ECG

Price: $3569.28

Part Number: BCI-3404ECG

BCI Autocorr Plus Pulse Oximeter

The elegant new Clarity line of patient monitors from BCI, including the Autocorr Plus Oximeter/ECG and Autocorr Oximeter, provides flexibility, reliability and ease-of-use. Whether these monitors are used as individual units or combined into systems to respond to multi-parameter monitoring requirements, the Clarity line will meet the needs of even your most challenging patients.

The Autocorr Plus Pulse Oximeter/ECG Monitor 3404 integrates digital SpO2 with 3 or 5 lead ECG and respiration, for extra flexibility. The digital display is bright and easy to read, and the buttons are conveniently large. The body of the oximeter/ECG monitor is sleek and sturdy.

It is possible to order the Autocorr Plus with an optional printer (Part Number BCI-3408) that provides data logs, interval trends and waveform printouts. The BCI-3404 without ECG costs $2392.00

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