Product Name:  BCI Capnocheck II

Price: $3706.64

Part Number: BCI-8400

BCI Capnocheck II Pulse Oximeter

The BCI Capnocheck II CO2/Pulse Oximeter is a totally handheld, full-featured monitor that provides measurements of End Tidal CO2, respiration rate, Sp02 and pulse rate with N20 Compensation, for pediatric and adult patients. It is ideal for either continuous patient monitoring or spot-checking.

An 8-segment bar graph indicates logarithmic strength of the patient's pulse, and the pitch of the pulse tone corresponds to Sp02 value, the volume adjustable or OFF. Physiological and system alarms can be set according to user-selectable high and low limits, with adjustable volume and screen indicators.

- LCD backlit display with on-screen trending
- High and low alarm limits for all parameters
- Protective rubber boot included
- Infrared serial interface enables downloading to printer
- Ideal for EMS, Emergency Rooms, Recovery Rooms, and intra-hospital transport

The Capnocheck II operates on internal rechargeable batteries with AC adapter; fully charged continuous life is approx. 6 hours. The infrared port is compatible with an HP82240B printer or similar device-- user can print text only, no graphics, choosing from user-selectable patient data logs or trend tables.

For more continuous monitoring and more comprehensive displays, see another product of BCI--the Capnocheck Plus.


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