Product Name: FingerPrint Oximeter/Printer

Price: $973.44

Part Number: BCI-3401

BCI Fingerprint Pulse Oximeter

The BCI FingerPrint Model 3401 is a low cost, hand-held Pulse Oximeter with an integral printer. A light-weight, highly portable device, it has easy-to-read red LEDs and provides fast, reliable spot checking and hard copy documentation of SpO2, and pulse rate for patients from neonate to adult.

The built-in printer ensures easy, accurate documentation for up to 99 patient Sp02 and pulse rate readings. Print options include real time or trend date documentation.

The FingerPrint is compatible with all BCI reusable and disposable pulse oximetry sensors. It comes equipped with a power conserving auto shut-off when disconnected from patient and operates on 4 AA Alkaline batteries. An optional rubber boot to provide extra protection to the unit is available.

BCI Fingerprint (back view)


Unit is also available in a sleep study model.

P/N: BCI-3403
Price: $989.50

Sometimes you may need an extension cable for your probe with this model depending on your needs.

P/N: BCI-3311 (5ft)
Price: $110.00

P/N: BCI-3311L (15ft)
Price: $145.00


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