Product Name:  Nellcor N-20PA Handheld Pulse Oximeters

Part Numbers: NPB-N-20PA


NPB 20

The Nellcor N-20PA Handheld Pulse Oximeters offers portable, rugged pulse oximetery, designed to endure shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.

The N-20PA model, is designed with a built-in printer, audible/visible alarms, and continuous operation. The unit display shows oxygen saturation, the pulse rate, vertical bargraph pulse amplitude indicator/battery meter, a pulse search indicator, and a low battery indicator.

View of the Top of the Built-in Printer in the N-20PE and PA. Click to Enlarge.

- Rugged, durable construction with protective boot
- Long battery life: 32 to 37 hours
- Easy-to-see day/night LED display
- Built-in printer
- Compatible with the full line of Nellcor adhesive and reusable sensors
- Lightweight: Only 1.4lb (0.6kg)


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