Product Name: Refurbished Ohmeda Biox 3740 Pulse Oximeter

Price: $838.24

Part Number: OHM-3740R

Ohmeda BIOX 3740 Pulse Oximeter

The Ohmeda Biox 3740 oximeter is a standalone, noninvasive, arterial oxygen saturation monitor. It provides continuous, real-time Sp02 and pulse rate readings. Trend information is available through both the analog and digital output ports. We currently have ten refurbished Ohmeda 3740 pulse oximeters for sale, at a price of $838.24 each. We also sell the Ohmeda 3740 new (Part Number OHM-3740) for $1248.00 We occasionally have refurbished Ohmeda 3700's, call for availability.

- Alarm Silence Key: silences all audible alarms for 120 seconds - Two Displays: Switches between Large Waveform and Large Number display for easy reading
- Menu/Enter Key: Makes it easier to toggle between menus
- Up and Down Keys: Conveniently adjusts pulse volume during monitoring without using menu
- Alarms: Low Quality Signal Indicator, Low Battery Indicator, High Sp02 and Low Sp02 Limits
- Functions with Ohmeda Probes (Finger Sensors)


Product Images

Front View of Ohmeda BIOX 3740 Pulse OximeterOhmeda BIOX 3740 Pulse Oximeter (Front View)

Back View of Ohmeda BIOX 3740 Pulse Oximeter Ohmeda BIOX 3740 Pulse Oximeter (back view)

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