Product Name: Ohmeda TruSat™ Bedside Oximeter

Part Numbers: OHM-TRUSAT

Ohmeda TruSat Oximeter

For Wherever Your Patients Take You

The first of its kind, Ohmeda TruSat offers clinicians a real-world oximetry solution. The reliable performance and optimal usability of a bedside oximeter with the rugged, lightweight features of a handheld oximeter. Just right whether you’re in the PACU, NICU, ER, home, MD office, or sleep lab. Ohmeda TruSat features Ohmeda TruSignal™ Enhanced SpO2, which draws upon our proven history of providing reliable readings in real-world clinical situations including clinical motion and low perfusion.


Product Features:

Ohmeda TruSat offers a real-world oximetry solution that delivers enhanced performance and unique features, all at a competitive price.

  • At 2.76 pounds, Ohmeda TruSat is less than half the weight of most bedside oximeters.
  • Extremely durable housing has rubber bumpers to protect the display and controls from damage during unexpected falls
  • PIr®, a quick, easy to use clinical tool for a dynamic numeric reflection of perfusion at the sensor site
  • Simple three-button operation
  • Trend memory stores up to 48 hours of data for extended monitoring
  • Backlit screen for easy viewing in all light conditions
  • Compatible with various patient types using OxyTip+® sensors and cables
  • Trend Download software available on CD-ROM generates comprehensive reports for sleep studies

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