Product Name:  Palco 300 Handheld Pulse Oximeter

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Part Number: PAL-010-300


Palco 300 Oximeter

The Palco 300 Handheld Pulse Oximeter is so small that it can fit into a lab coat pocket. The oximeter is designed for spot checks, and is more economical than comparable handheld oximeters. We also sell Palco Probes and Sensors for use with Palco Oximeters.

The Palco 300 demonstrates a stunning operating room accuracy for such a small, portable instrument. When FDA compliance tests were carried out on healthy volunteers breathing low oxygen gas studies, blood gas studies demonstrated accuracies of ±2% over the entire range of 99 to 60% saturation. Treadmill or exercise desaturation tests are also possible with the Palco 300, especially if used with four or eight foot extension cables.

- Over 1,000 readings on one set of 6 "AA" alkaline batteries!
- NiCad rechargeable version also available
- Bright, red LED displays for saturation and pulse rate
- Rugged, water-resistant case withstands shock and vibration
- Weighs only 1.01 lbs with batteries!

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Palco 300 Oximeter
Palco 300 Pulse Oximeter
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