Product Name: Palco 340 Handheld Pulse Oximeter

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Part Number: PAL-010-340


Palco 340 Oximeter

The Palco 340 Handheld Pulse Oximeter is a portable oximeter with alarms and a bright red LED display. The mounting bracket pictured in the image at left is optional.

The Palco 340 oximeter features an adjustable pulse sound, where the pitch changes with rise or fall in oxygen saturation. It is compatible with all Opto-Plethsymographic Palco Probes and Sensors. The Palco Handhelds are the perfect small oximeters for emergency medicine, respiratory therapy, operating labs, cath labs or endoscopy.

- Weighs only 1.02 lbs!
- 12 hour NiCad or continuous AC powered operation
- Adjustable pulse sound: Pitch changes with rise or fall in saturation
- Output port for data communication to other instruments
- Adjustable alarms for saturation and pulse rate
- Previous alarm settings are recalled from memory

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Palco 340 Oximeter
Palco 340 Pulse Oximeter
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