Product Name:  Palco 400 Handheld Pulse Oximeter

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Part Number: PAL-010-400


Palco 400 Oximeter

The Palco 400 is Palco's deluxe handheld oximeter. The Palco 400 is designed with an integral (built-in) printer, which has selectable automatic print-intervals. A printout can be obtained every 15, 30, or 60 seconds or at other intervals up to 10 minutes. Palco 400 is compatible with all Opto-Plethsymographic Palco Probes and Sensors.

The Palco 400 also features special screens for Nighttime Desaturation:
- Mode 1: All low saturation events below a pre-set point are recalled for later printout.
- Mode 2: The oximeter recalls the lowest point reached during consecutive two-minute periods for the entire monitoring session. Tape printouts include the percentage of time below 90, 80, 70 and 60% saturation.

Other Features:
- Easily changed snap-in paper cartridge
- Rechargeable battery pack with 4 hours continuous life, 8 hour charge
- External battery pack can be changed in seconds for continuous monitoring
- Weighs only 3 lbs
- Alarms for saturation and rate

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Palco 400 Oximeter
Palco 400 Pulse Oximeter
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