Product Name: Venni VI-200A Pulse Oximeter/Patient Monitor

Part Numbers: Ven-200A

Price: $925.00


Venni VI-60C Pulse Oximeter

Whether it's for an emergency situation, bedside monitoring or routine spot-check. The Venni® VI-200A patient monitor measures Noninvassive Blood Pressure (NIBP), SPO2, and Pulse Rate. This portable monitor displays SpO2 and Pulse Rate as a number and waveform on the LCD display. Noninvassive Blood Pressure (NIBP) is displayed in number form on the LED display

Product Features

  • Suitable for adult, infant, and pediatric.
  • Uses: Hospital, Home, Community Medical Treatment, Sports Healthcare, Ambulance, and First Aid.
  • Measures SpO2 and Pulse Rate accurately.
  • SpO2 and Pulse Rate display, PR waveform display.
  • Battery Voltage Indicator.
  • Vehicle Inverter for Ambulance use.
  • Data Analysis Software.
  • Optional Thermal Printer.
  • Pulse Sound Function.
  • Multiple Alarm functions.
  • USB interface to computer, software can analyze, store, and print data.
  • Rechargeable Built In Battery or AC Power.
  • Display: LCD & LED.


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Venni VI-200A Pulse Oximeter
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