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Probe Repair Special Offer Coupon: Two Probes for $55

We are currently offering a special offer on probe repair for first time customers: two probes repaired for the price of one: $55. This offer is only valid once, and is only offered to new customers. (Normal cost per probe repair is $49 excluding verterinary probes, and lingual probes. There is an extra charge of $30 for replacement housings.) The offer only extends to two probes (i.e. you can't get four probes for the price of two.) HP probes, and cable repair's are excluded from this offer; HP probes cost our standard rate of $85 per probe. Veterinary and lingual probes cost $69 per probe after the first two. The offer does not include the price of shipping or replacement housing's. You are responsible for the shipping charges to us. We charge a standard $19 shipping and handling rate. Estimates are available before the repair of the probe, please specify on paper work if an estimate is requested. To receive this probe repair offer, include a printed copy of this page in your shipment of probes, or fax it to us with your purchase order.

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