Pulmonary, Respiratory & Patient Handling Equipment

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I. Pulmonary Equipment

Full Gas Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) Systems:

Cybermedic Main Page
Spinnaker TL (310)
Classic TLi (Clamshell)
Collins GS (4G)
Cosmed PFT / Metabolic Studies
Medisoft / Morgan Scientific body box (plethysmograph)
Medisoft / Morgan Scientific PFT
Metabolic Analysis:
Resting Metabolic Testing
Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
Face Masks for Stress Testing/Calorimetry
Cosmed microQuark Spirometer
Cosmed Pony FX Spirometer
nSpire (PDS) KoKo Spirometer
Cybermedic Screener
Supplies and Accessories for PFT Testing:
Collins Column Absorbents
3 Liter Calibration Syringes
PFT Patient Filters
PFT Calibration Gases
Flanged Mouthpieces
Small Mouthpieces

II. Respiratory

Precision Medical Easy Vac Aspirator
Precision Medical Power Vac Aspirator
Precision Medical Easy Go Vac Aspirator
Bio-Med Devices Blenders
BCI Handheld Capnocheck II
BCI Clarity Capnocheck Plus/Oximeter
Compressors and Nebulizers:
Devilbiss PulmoMate Compressor/Nebulizer
Devilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor NEW!
Devilbiss Pulmo-Aide 5650D Compressor/Nebulizer
Devilbiss Pulmo-Aide LT Compressor/Nebulizer
Devilbiss Ultra-Neb Ultrasonic Nebulizer
NOUVAG Ultrasonic Nebulizer 2000

Precision Medical Easy Air 15 Air Compressor
Precision Medical Easy Comp Air Compressor
CPAP and Bi-Level Sleep Therapy:
Devilbiss CPAP 9000D
Devilbiss Humidifier 9100D
Devilbiss Bi-Level 7355D

Devilbiss Serenity CPAP Mask
Devilbiss Nasal Mask Kit 9351
Devilbiss Dragon and Aerosol Masks
Devilbiss Serenity Mask for Sleep Therapy
Devilbiss Nasal Mask Kit 9351
Hans Rudolph Full Face Masks for Stress Testing
Hans Rudolph 7600 CPAP Vmask
Precision Medical Chrome Flowmeters
Precision Medical Dial Flowmeters
Precision Medical Pediatric Flowmeters
Oxygen Analyzers:
MSA MiniOX 1 Analyzer
MSA MiniOX 1A Analyzer
MSA MiniOX 3000 Monitor
Maxtec +AE Oxygen Analyzer
Oxygen Sensors for Oxygen Analyzers
Oxygen Concentrators:
Devilbiss 3 Liter Concentrator
Devilbiss 5 Liter Concentrator
Oxygen Conserving Devices and Regulators:
Precision Medical Easy Dial Regulator
Precision Medical Easy Gauge Regulator
Puritan-Bennett CR50 Oxygen Conserver/Regulator
Victor Medical Gas Regulators
Amvex Medical Vacuum/Gas Regulators
Devilbiss Pulsedose PD1000 Oxygen Conserving Device
Devilbiss Pulsedose PD4000 Oxygen Conserving Device
Devilbiss EX2005D Pulsedose Oxygen Conserving Device

BCI Clarity Capnocheck Plus/Oximeter
BCI Handheld FingerPrint Oximeter/Printer
BCI Autocorr Digital Pulse Oximeter
BCI Autocorr Plus Pulse Oximeter/ECG Monitor

Nellcor Puritan-Bennett N-20 Series Handheld Oximeters

Ohmeda Biox 3740 Pulse Oximeter

Palco 300 Handheld Oximeter
Palco 340 Handheld Oximeter
Palco 400 Handheld Oximeter

Nonin Onyx 9500

Venni Handheld Oximeters and Patient Monitors
Venni 60C
Venni 60D
Venni 200A
Venni 3510P
Venni 8410P

Oximeter Probes (sensors):

Lingual Probes (veterinary)

Vacuum and Suction Regulators:

Precision Medical Vacuum Regulator Continuous
Precision Medical Vacuum Regulator Continuous-Intermittent
Precision Medical Vacuum Regulator Pediatric

Amvex Vacuum / Suction Regulators


Acutronic Main Page
Monsoon Jet Ventilator
Mistral Jet Ventilator
AMS 1000 Ventilator Discontinued
AMS 3000 Ventilator Discontinued
LSP AutoVent 2000 Transport Ventilator
LSP AutoVent 3000 Transport Ventilator
LSP AutoVent 4000 Transport Ventilator
Puritan-Bennett LP10 Ventilator
Refurbished Bird T-Bird VS02 Ventilator
Refurbished Puritan Bennett 7200ae Ventilator

Ventilation Accessories:

Airway Management
Acutronic Jet Ventilation Accessories

III.  Refurbished Equipment

Refurbished Pulmonary Equipment:
Collins GS PFT System (Pulmonary Function Testing)
Cybermedic PFT System (Pulmonary Function Testing)
Cybermedic Metascope (Metabolic Studies and Tests)
Koko Spirometer (Portable Spirometer)
Cybermedic Screener (Spirometer)
Refurbished Respiratory Equipment:

Oxygen Concentrator: DeVilbiss 5 Liter Concentrator
Probes: Nellcor, Palco, Ohmeda or BCI
Pulse Oximeter: Ohmeda 3740

Handheld Pulse Oximeter: Palco 400
Ventilator: Bird VS02 T-Bird
Puritan Bennett 7200ae Ventilator

IV.  Veterinarian

Veterinarian Products:

Oximeters for Veterinary Use
Lingual Probes for Veterinary Use

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