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Shipping Policy:

Within the continental United States, we use UPS Ground. Shipping time is determined by the UPS Ground chart. For international customers, charges may be considerably more, depending on the use of Priority Mail or FedEx Express International. Overnight or Next Day shipping is a higher charge than the regular UPS Ground. For repairs, we do not pay the shipping charges to ship the equipment back.
Minimum Order Policy:
We have a $50 minimum order policy, particularly for DeVilbiss, Nouvag and Precision Medical parts/supplies. We will not fill an order below $50, unless there are special conditions, or the customer is one of our contract customers, ordering Pulmonary Function Testing supplies.
Placing Orders, Purchasing and Payment Policy:
We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Please note that credit card orders are subject to a processing fee. First time customers must pre pay by check or credit card! (applies to institution's, clinic's, and personal orders) You do not need an RA# to send in repairs, just include a copy of your P.O. and contact information where you can be reached. New customers that are hospitals, clinics or institutions may fill out our credit application so you can be set up to pay on net terms by invoice. We do not accept credit card numbers over e-mail, as we do not have a secure server. Please call toll-free 1-888-730-5463 to place your orders. All other orders must be emailed to, as we do not accept any faxed orders. Any repairs that are awaiting for payment past 1 year become property of Susquehanna Micro Inc.
Estimates Policy:
Any estimates provided verbally, by email, fax, or in writing are effective for 30 days.
Pricing and Overseas Customer Policy:
We are not an Original Equipment Manufacturer. We are only a distributor for the continental US. Our prices are non-negotiable and based on the US Market. International customers should contact the manufacturer to find a dealer in their area. However, if overseas customers have a U.S. broker, we are willing to work with their agent. We are not a wholesaler of bulk supplies and do not offer wholesale prices. For larger, ongoing orders, discounts may be available.
Customer Service Policy:

We provide phone and e-mail technical support to our customers, people who have conducted business with us, hold contracts with us, or are potential purchasers. However, as we are a distributor, general questions should be directed to the manufacturers. We do not provide technical support for those who have bought their product or system from another dealer. Please contact the dealer or manufacturer you bought the product from with your queries.


Susquehanna Micro Inc. has in force a CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE which is renewed once every year. The Insurance covers, Commercial General Liability, Automobile Liability, Umbrella Liability with Excess Liability and Workers Compensation and Employers' Liability. A copy of this Certificate can be acquired by contacting the Main Office at 198 West Beaver Street Hallam, PA 17406

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